Let It Be - Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber performs "Let It Be" live with Carlos Santana at Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin Eve 2011 in Times Square.
A song that John Lennon wrote about an affair that he had, and was the first song in history to use a certain instrument.
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Let it be seems like it was deliberately written as The Beatles’ swan song. However, it was actually written in 1969 (a year before they broke up) during a very difficult time. Once a group of close friends, they were now fighting constantly. During this same period of time, George Harrison wrote ‘Here Comes the Sun.’ Both songs reflect this difficult period, one an acceptance of the moment, the other a yearning for a truce.

Many people think the line ‘When I find myself in times of trouble, Mother Mary comes to me … ‘ refers to the Virgin Mary. However, it actually refers to Paul McCartney's mother. She died when Paul was just fourteen years old. At the time he wrote ‘Let it Be,’ Paul McCartney indicated that he almost couldn't picture his mother’s face anymore without looking at a photograph. But, one night she came to him in a dream. Her eyes, in particular, were very clear. She said ‘Let it Be, Paul,’ or something to that effect. He woke up and immediately ran over to his piano and began writing, beginning with the opening reference to Mother Mary. ‘Let it be is’ one of two songs that came to Paul McCartney in a dream. The other one was ‘Yesterday.’

The ‘Let it be’ album and song was produced by Phil Spector, famous for the so-called ‘Wall of Sound.’ Paul McCartney was never happy with Spector’s arrangement of the album, and he released his own stripped down version called ‘Let it be Naked’ in 2003.